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Persian and Indian Manuscripts

My research covers the following subjects.

Persian and Indian artists

For each manuscript, I identity the period in Persian and Indian history in which it was made, and attempt to further identify the specific artists or workshops whose miniature paintings it contains.

Possible manuscript ownership

My research is also concerned with Persian and Indian owners, for example kings, princes, religious dignitaries, bankers and private collectors, whose wealth and high level of culture were reflected in their libraries.

Transfer of manuscripts from Persia into India

Historically, there was an extensive transfer of manuscripts due to marriage, diplomatic gifts, trading or war trophies. This subject invites further extensive investigation of materials, such as traveller accounts. My research on this subject exclusively casts light on how Persian manuscripts found their way into India.

The East India Company and Persian manuscripts

My research on this topic looks at manuscripts that had been acquired in India by Governor-Generals of India, The East India Company employees or The East India Company itself.

Inscriptions in manuscripts

I attempt to understand inscriptions discovered in manuscripts, that when deciphered throw light on the manuscripts’ intriguing history.

Comparative analysis of manuscripts

I verify my research findings by comparing manuscripts I’ve identified with known manuscripts in held in libraries and museums around the world.