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Expertise and skills

My areas of expertise are as:

  • a Persian and Indian artists and workshops subject expert: identifying possible owners of manuscripts, methods of transfer of manuscripts from Persia into India, the importance of The East India Company in relation to Persian manuscripts, researching Indian inscriptions in manuscripts and undertaking comparative analysis of manuscripts held in different libraries around the world
  • an X-ray fluorescence and Multi Spectra Imaging specialist, identifying pigments and consequently dyes
  • a researcher and cataloguer of Western and Eastern Works of Art, working at the request of museums, art galleries, libraries, private collectors, architects, interior designers, film producers and private individuals
  • translator and editor of books and documents from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English
  • an art consultant and collection manager, who can provide loss prevention advice, curatorial advice and appraisal advice
  • an investment advisor to private dealers, collectors and individuals at auctions and galleries
  • a coach to business groups, individuals and children wishing to broaden their knowledge of Art History and Decorative Art, including giving lectures at Sotheby’s Insitute of Art and SOAS.

Current research

My ongoing project is with Persian and Indian manuscripts using X-ray Fluorescence and Multi Spectra Imaging to identify the pigments, and consequently the dyes, used during the period 17th to early 19th centuries in Persia and India.